Guident is developing IP & software apps for autonomous vehicle companies that facilitate the AV-AI and mobility market transformation.

Transformation 1

The Transportation vehicle and Mobility industries will transform and convert driven by on-demand service requirements, delivery efficiencies and an effective distance/duration relation.

Transformation 2

This transformation will create a new Market segmentation for Autonomous Vehicles (AV), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Mobility as a Service (AVAI-MaaS).

Transformation 3

Guident is positioned in this Market by providing innovative Mobile Software Applications with (licensed) Technology for those converging industries.

Transformation 4

Consumers in this new market segment will have far more choices in transportation and Guident will help enable these. For example, they can use any mobile device and the Guident application platform will enable them to park their car into any parking spot. AI data will advise and instruct the AV to pick you up at a location of your choice.

Transformation 5

Using our patented technology, Guident enabled apps will allow user’s of autonomous vehicles to dispatch their vehicles to join ride-sharing fleets, find available parking spots, as well as park themselves, charge themselves and report accidents. 


Use Case 1

Vehicle requests remote monitoring assistance

Immediately following an accident or a difficult maneuvering situation, the AV will automatically report to the remote monitoring system. Whereupon, a remote human operator will take control of the AV using input from the vehicle’s cameras and sensors.

Use Case 2

Have vehicle report an accident and request assistance

Immediately following the occurrence of an accident, the AV will auto report to the appropriate government agencies, first responders and insurance companies the accident. The AV will need to auto-request assistance based on an AI assessment of the accident and occupants.

Accident Report Watch the simulation
Use Case 3

Have vehicle park itself, pickup/drop off

A user interacts through any mobile device with the Guident Application platform using an icon to either Drop-Off a AV or request a Pick-up at the user location or any other defined location.

The system will valet park the AV, provides real time tracking of the AV and vehicle parking location. An addition the application will allow the user to select navigation based on current location or desired parking area type.

The AIV is context aware and allows Pick-ups at a Users Geo location other than the Drop-Off location. In addition the system is self-learning and applies learnings of User’s destinations, time, date and day of the week in which shared locations have been used.

Pickup/Dropoff Watch the simulation
Use Case 4

Have vehicle get a charge, a wash or request service

Using a software app, the user can dispatch the AV to the nearest available charging location, get a car wash, or a needed service. Following this, the AV could return to any defined location or join a ride-sharing pool.

Pickup/Dropoff Watch the simulation



Global AV Market will reach $557B by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 39.5%


Mobile Network Infrastructure emergence and Internet of Things (IoT) tsunami will drive AV adaptation


World population by 2030, with concentration in global cities driving the transformation to AV


of US adults believe AV’s will provide greater independence for elderly & disabled


of US drivers in 2018 think AV’s won’t be safe

Board Members

Harald Braun
Johan De Nysschen
Daniel Grossman

Leadership Team

Harald Braun
Daniel Grossman
Chief Revenue Officer
Michael Trank
VP SW Architecture
G. Castaneda, Ph.D.
VP AI and Research
Konrad Dabrowski
David Cohen

Science Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Naphtali Rishe
Science Advisor Transportation Software Florida International University
Marielle Gross, M.D.
Ethics Advisor Johns Hopkins University
Prof. Dr. Hayder Radha
Science Advisor Electrical and Computer Engineering Michigan State University
Max Inglis
General Counsel Tekcapital plc
Clifford Gross, Ph.D
IP Advisor Tekcapital plc


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