Remote Monitor and Control Center

The Remote Monitor and Control Center (RMCC) will monitor Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) and provide additional support, such as calling a first responder, taking control of the vehicle to move it out of harm’s way, and providing real-time communication with passengers or pedestrians. 

Lowest Teleoperation Latency

Guident has developed one of the fastest systems in the industry for acquiring information and video from AVs to our RMCC. This translates into more rapid and safer control of AVs in emergencies. Guident is the only teleoperations company with patented systems and methods for remote monitoring and controlling autonomous vehicles, robots, and drones.

HITL AI Technologies

Currently, there is no technology that can enable vehicle manufacturers to achieve level 5 autonomy at this time. Therefore, we believe, Human-In-The-Loop (HITL) AI technologies will be required for the foreseeable future. Our first use-case not only applies to autonomous vehicles, but also to delivery, agriculture, hospitality, mining, military, logistics devices or vehicles.

What we do?

We are striving to make autonomous vehicles safer! We deliver competitive advantages for Autonomous and Electric Vehicles (AV/EV) fleet operators and manufacturers via a Remote Monitor and Control Center (RMCC) utilizing AI and secure, low-latency network connectivity. Guident operates the first RMCC for AVs, ground-based delivery devices and any autonomous device, a safety-first concept that will be deployed allowing fleet operator and vehicle manufacturers to meet state mandated regulatory requirements. A number of states including Florida in the United States mandatorily requires back-up, human remote monitoring and control for AVs when a safety driver is not present in the vehicle.

Our Vision

Enabling safer autonomous vehicles and devices by providing industry leading, remote monitoring and assistance services

Our Mission

Improve autonomous vehicle safety and adoption with Guident’s remote monitor and control services